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RADIO Logger Pro.

Program for external (Line-In, Microphone etc.) audio signal storage in PCM Wave (*.wav) or Mpeg Layer 3 (*.mp3) formats. Has an ability to record external audio signsl with selected quality (bitrate, sample rate), set time periods for recording, control signal presence and other functions.

RADIO Logger Pro

Software functions:
automatic recording and encoding of incoming audio signal;
archive : records and events;
record block duration adjustment (from 1 minute to 1 day);
audio capture quality settings;
on/off MP3 compression;
record storage period settings;
built-in player for saved records;
other functions;

Changes log RADIO Logger Pro

"+" - Added
"-" - Fixed
"!" - Improved
"*" - Other changes

?RADIO Logger Pro (30.12.2017)
- Stability improvements
- Localization fixed

RADIO Logger Pro (21.09.2017)
- Fixed time deviations in the record
- Fixed selection of the recording device in case of changing of devices during operation
- Stability improvements

RADIO Logger Pro (24.04.2017)
! Removed time gaps between blocks
+ Player enhancements
- Disable changing critical settings when recording
- Fixed accessing Settings with password

RADIO Logger Pro (30.12.2016)
+ Added write access check for archive folders
- Loading data is now locale aware
- Fixed file save template processing

RADIO Logger Pro (02.09.2016)
+ Event type filter in Archive
- Fixed text log creation (#492)

RADIO Logger Pro (16.02.2016)
+ Additional types for secure Email connections
+ Added support for 32 Bit recording
+ Added separate channel recording (Left, Right)
+ Date selection calendar in Journal tab
! Lame encoder updated
- Fixed Lame encoding errors


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