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RADIO Checker Pro.

Audio sample detector for retransmit broadcasters. Allows to detect sample presence in incoming audio signal and send command to start your playlist. Detects Wave samples and DTMF codes.
Works with RADIO Player Pro and can be used as a separate module for third party software.

Software functions:
Detects concurrence of a radio signal (sent on an input of a sound card) with given sample in WAVE PCM format
Frequency signals detection (DTMF, MKTT and othes.)
Loss / appearence of a signal detection
Can detect up to 10 samples simultaneously
Base of samples with adjustments for each of them
Frequency signals settings
Log file record
Adapted to work with RADIO Player Pro and other external programs


Changes log RADIO Checker Pro

"+" - Added
"-" - Fixed
"!" - Improved
"*" - Other changes


RADIO Checker Pro (21.01.2017)
! Minor bugs fixed updated stability
- Fixed updates checking

RADIO Checker Pro (15.05.2016)
- Fixed "Sample not found" message

RADIO Checker Pro (12.02.2016)
! Improved Windows 10 compatibility
- Fixed audio test errors

RADIO Logger Pro (31.03.2015)
+ Enhanced configuration backup/restore control
+ Automatic backup on time
+ Automatic update check
- Fixed SSL Email issues

RADIO Logger Pro (27.01.2015)
+ Support for secure SMTP TLS email connection for messages

RADIO Checker Pro (01.03.2014)
+ Windows 8.1 is now supported

RADIO Checker Pro (06.06.2013)
+ Added "Sample not found" message

RADIO Checker Pro (08.05.2011)
+ Added option to minimize window after application start
+ Added option to start sample detection after application start

RADIO Checker Pro (19.03.2009)
+ Added file start option to Sample property dialog
- Fixed HASP detection when program is started automatically with Windows
+ Added disk write access check on application start

RADIO Checker Pro (31.05.2007)
+ New detection algorithm
+ Detection of "mixed" samples
+ Individual channel settings per sample
+ Individual sensitivity settings per sample
+ High frequency support for commands (Above 15 KHz)
+ Detection percent display in real time per each sample
+ MP3 files can be used as samples
+ Windows XP/Vista themes support
! Windows Vista compatibility
! Removed simultaneous sample detection count
! New help file
- Fixed found bugs

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