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RADIO AdsMan Pro - Advertisement management software

Программа для автоматизации составления рекламных плейлистов из базы имеющихся рекламных роликов. Соджержит возможности экспорта в различных форматах (в т.ч. и для RADIO Player Pro), настраиваемый мастер отчетов, графическую эфирную сетку и др. возможности.

• Commercials database;
• Automatic creation of playlists according to the schedule of advertising;
• Playlist export in various formats (RADIO Player Pro, Winamp, Powergold, Digiton etc.);
• Personal mediaplan settings for each commercial;
• Built-in print report generator with form editor;
• Advertisements with several files;
• Visual broadcasting mediaplan grid with indication of the free and used time;
• Mediaplan fill wizard;
• Supports managing several radio stations;
• Archive for unused commercials with recovery option;
• Automatic price calculation based on tariff plans;
• Built-in audio player;
• Built-in mini-base to store personal settings for audio files;


ChangesRADIO AdsMan Pro

"+" - Added
"-" - Fixed
"!" - Improved
"*" - Other changes

?RADIO AdsMan Pro (15.03.2018)
- Fixed parent report missing error
- Fixed interface display problems under Windows 7

RADIO AdsMan Pro (19.02.2018)
+ Card data in Playlists type reports
+ Ability to customize the font for headers of promotional meshes
+ Ability to customize the font for the Schedule list.

RADIO AdsMan Pro (16.01.2018)
- Fixed update of cards duration manually
- Fixed editing of the created schedule
- Optimizing memory usage
- Fixed the option "Collect in a single playlist" for the Schedule report
- Fixed applying changes from Air grid to Grid templates
- Fixed search for cards
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (01.12.2017)
+ Added option to update files duration from disk to create timetables
+ Added export format PowerGold (Natural Log)
! Improvements in the search for cards
- Fixed time addons usage
- Fixed interface repaint when resizing program window
- Fixed the loss of file titles
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (16.08.2017)
- Optimizing memory usage
- Fixed export in RADIO Player Pro v.1 format
- Fixed export of cards
- Fixed loading media plan for cards
- Fixed reports creating

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08.08.2017)
+ Visual fade editor
+ Added export in RADIO Player Pro v.2 format
+ Additional sorting methods for file list
+ Support for Flac, APE tags
+ Added version check when restoring configuration from archive
+ Save fade in tags in a new extended format
+ Added additional marks for fade
+ Auto-marking of the beginning and end of the file
+ Save wave diagram in playlists
+ Additional tag load settings
- Fixed selection of subfolders in MiniBase
- Fixed the using paths from network environment
- Fixed column Group and Section in mediaplan window

RADIO AdsMan Pro (08.05.2017)
! Adding design files from MiniBase will keep base file order
- Fixed loading duplicated data
- Fixed playlist Checker stop settings saving

RADIO AdsMan Pro (19.04.2017)
+ Added setting for view and edit time accuracy
+ Added postal address for firm
+ Added ability to create child partitions in mini-base
+ Added ability to store windows positions
! Card sorting by text is case insensitive
- Fixed data reloading on change notifications
- Fixed empty files and mediaplan in cards
- Fixed configuration update
- Fixed loading places
- Fixed mediaplan time column sort
- Bugs fixed

RADIO AdsMan Pro (14.03.2017)
+ Added limit for total block duration for time addons
+ Added limit for minimum count for time addons
+ Added priority for time addons
+ Setting columns for block design list in block properties window
+ Added Clear folder export option
- Fixed Configuration option "Backup on program exit"
- Fixed maximum addons count for a certain cases
- Fixed errors when mediaplan period is changed
- Fixed saving files from list as playlist


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