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Stereo Tool

http://help.stereotool.com/ Thimeo Stereo Tool 9.23



- Configuration Language and startup settings

- License

- CPU & Latency

- Parameter scheduling to use different presets at different moments

- Web interface for remote control via the built-in web server



- Sound cards settings including sound card tilt correction and FM transmitter synchronization

- Streaming output

- µMPX streams a low bitrate composite signal including pilot/rds from studio to transmitter

- FM transmitter to configure an FM signal (Pre-emphasis, stereo, RDS, dynamic RDS texts, UECP, BS412, MPX/Composite settings)

- AM transmitter to configure an AM signal (Asymmetry, C-QUAM stereo, pre-emphasis)


The BIMP - Built In Microphone Processor

The BIMP processes microphone input with no additional delay.

- The BIMP Dehummer removes disturbing constant sounds.

- The BIMP Noise Gate removes background noise


- The BIMP Multiband Compressor

- The BIMP Wideband Compressor


Audio restoration

- Dehummer removes disturbing constant sounds.

- Declipper repairs clipping: removes digital clipping distortion and restores dynamics

- Dequantizer increases the bit depth of audio

- Delossifier repairs MP3 artifacts

- Noise removal removes background noise


Audio processing
- Natural Dynamics restores dynamics

- Phase rotation and Phase Delay

- Auto EQ

- Low Level Boost

- Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

- Stereo increases or decreases stereo separation

- Equalizer

- Bass EQ

- Multiband Compressor

- Multiband Compressor 2

- Absolute Highs reconstructs missing high frequencies

- Bandpass removes very high and very low frequencies

- Singleband Compressor

- Bass Effects

* Immersive Bass adds warm, "car radio" bass

* True Bass adds deep subharmonics

* Bass Clipper protects against loud bass spikes

- Limiting & Clipping

* Advanced Clipper clips without distortion

* Hard Limit, final limiter

* Settings that improve the sound of streams


FM and AM transmitter settings

- Overview of FM transmitter settings (Pre-emphasis, stereo, RDS, dynamic RDS texts, UECP, BS412, MPX/composite settings)

- Overview of AM transmitter settings (Asymmetry, C-QUAM stereo, pre-emphasis)

- Configuring the FM transmitter settings in Stereo Tool (outdated)


Using Stereo Tool with other software

- Using multiple DSP plugins (for example Stereo Tool and SHOUTcast)

- Stereo Tool and SAM Broadcaster (SAM3 or SAM4)

- Stereo Tool and RadioBOSS


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