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DRS 2006 Broadcast Processor PRO

view larger DRS 2006 Broadcast Processor PRO

PC Windows
DRS 2006

Designed specially for the DRS 2006 radio automation system, this is a high end audio processor for Internet and FM broadcasting.

Closely simulating the signal chain of a traditional FM broadcast station, this plugin offers auto gain control, multiband EQ and volume control, and brickwall limiting.

Whether you want to create your own unique "signature sound" for your station, or simply control the various volume levels of your mp3 collection, this plugin will let you do it with ease.

We have borrowed much from our popular range of pro DirectX plugins to bring you this processor. The algorithms operate with full 64 bit internal resolution, the limiters use our proprietary intelligent look-ahead algorithms to boost volume without increasing distortion, and the usability of our realtime graphical display is second to none.

This plugin was designed in collaboration with our partner DRS Systemtechnik, authors of the DRS 2006 radio automation system.

See www.drs2006.com for full details of this leading PC based radio automation package.



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Plug-in Standards

•  Works only with the DRS 2006 radio automation system

Operating Systems

•  PC Windows 95, 98, ME, 2000

Recommended PC

•  300MHz or better processor

•  at least 64MB of memory

•  DirectX 7.1 or later



Download Free Trial Version

The trial version of the DRS 2006 Broadcast Processor PRO plug-in operates exactly as the real product, with this limitation:

•  Demo plug-in times out after 21 days.

For minimum system requirements and details of plug-in compatibility, please see the DRS 2006 Broadcast Processor PRO specification.


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