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dB-T Tempo Delay

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Delays in beat measures plus much more ...

DirectX Mastering Suite

PC Windows

In 1997, db audioware released the original freeware VST plugin, Tempo Delay. This simple stereo echo had one unique feature, it let you enter delays in beat measures instead of milliseconds.

dB-T tempo delay is our latest incarnation of this ever popular plugin. Now in DirectX form, this stereo delay still lets you enter time in measures, but now offers individual high & low pass filters on each channel (for old tape delay effects and special effect delays). Check out the presets for some starting points.

But above all, it's still FREE! So what are you waiting for?



Try dB-T


(for dB-T and all DirectX Mastering Suite plug-ins)

Plug-in Standards

•  Works with any host audio program supporting DirectX (ActiveMovie)

Operating Systems

•  PC Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, 2000, XP

Recommended PC

•  200MHz or better processor

•  at least 64MB of memory

•  DirectX 6.0 or later


Download Free Trial Version

Try the whole DirectX Mastering Suite and get dB-T Tempo Delay FREE of charge!

Just one compact download package gives you trial versions of dB-D Dynamics Processor , dB-L Mastering Limiter , dB-M Multiband Limiter and dB-S De-Esser , as well as your FREE full version of dB-T Tempo Delay.

The trial versions of DirectX Mastering Suite plug-ins operate exactly as the real products, with this limitation:

  • Demo plug-ins time out after 21 days.

dB-T Tempo Delay is unrestricted.

For minimum system requirements and details of plug-in compatibility, please see the DirectX Mastering Suite specification .


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