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Библиотека звуковых эффектов - Basic Asia

An unique collection of royalty free sound effects recorded entirely on location in Southeast Asia.

Asia has a sound of its own: the nature, the villages, the city, the traffic, the temples and the crowds - it's another world. This collection is not limited to the typical Asian genre. Basic Asia is the perfect addition to your existing sound effects libraries: when you need a different crowd, a special door, or an off angle atmosphere, Basic Asia has it. And, the "tuk tuk", a typical Asian vehicle, is provided in a wide variety of locations and perspectives. Basic Asia, a 5 CD royalty free collection that can be used to build quality sound tracks with excellent detail and variety.

Basic Asia Sound Effects Collection Highlights:

BAS-01: Background Exteriors
Perfect background exteriors: a typical bamboo floating hut village, to schoolyards, countryside locations, cities, skylines, markets, restaurants and temples.

BAS-02: Background Interiors:
Interiors: cafe, hospital, post office, shopping mall, supermarket, metal workshop, textile mill, classroom, restaurant, and several room tones (city apartments and a village temple).

BAS-03: Humans & Animals
Human and animal related sounds: crowds at a martial arts indoor sporting event, teenagers, children, public address announcements, footsteps on gravel, dirt, wooden stairs and a gangway, plus water buffalo, chickens, crickets and the "njit njot".

BAS-04: Transportation
Motorized transport: many variations of the Tuk Tuk motorcycle, diesel buses and trains, motorboats, the Bangkok sky train and a two wheeled farm tractor.

BAS-05: Miscellaneous
More ambient recordings of city traffic, bus, train and sky train stations, plus passenger elevators, weaving, fruit falling from a tree, household cooking, and a series of superb wooden temple doors.

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